Wednesday, April 12, 2006

What a week

What a week....and it is only Wednesday!!!!
Sunday night I take my guy (a SA), to the hotel for processing the next morning. That went off without a hitch. My SC had hotseated him and was good to go. He understood what was going to happen, and what would happen should he change his answers he had already told us on his physical. The next morning, however, he decided to do his own thing and put down that he had had asthma when he was a kid. I was pissed!!! Now I gotta run him halfway across town and get him a consult and then rush back before the doc leaves for the day.

Come to find out, he STILL had asthma!!! But I went through the process anyway and finished up the physical, knowing what was going to happen. Sure enough permanent DQ> Part of me was pissed, I just rolled a nut, but part of me was relieved because after talking to DOC, he said that this kid should even be doing PE in HS at all!!! So his actions quite possibly saved his life. But it got me thinking.....So what if a kid has to use an inhaler?!?!? As long as the job he is trying to get is not that physically demanding, so what???? I mean there was a guy I read about I think in the Army times that was deployed to Iraq with type 1 Diabetes. He has to get injections in him like every 15 minutes or something. He wanted to deploy with his soldiers, and he found a way to get it done. So if we are that willing to allow that, then why cant a kid have an inhaler???? It just does not make any sense to me.

Yesterday I finally got my household goods, after 5 months of living without it. As the movers are bringing stuff in, I walk out and subsequently fracture my ankle. I did not think it really was until today when I got the X-rays done and the tech said"Yep it looks like a hairline fracture."Can I buy a good day please?

The great thing about a day is it always will end, and a new one will begin, so here is hoping to better tomorrow.


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I'm a SGT in the army staioned at Fort Drum my husband is a recruiter out of syracuse, NY. Your blogs really touched me because it sounds like something he would write. He has the same problems as you. I just wanted to know did it ever get better for you. I love him and I hate to see him frustated I know he is a great leader and NCO. Does the job get any better??

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