Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just do not get it

I just do not get it. This job I do not get it. I mean, I am making the appointments, I would say at least 85 to 90% are not duds, the appointment goes well, but I cannot get a committment. Or I get a committment, and they are somewhat overweight, or my favorite for the month......score a 52 on the practice test, and then turn around at MEPS and get a 24!!!!!!. So for the second month in a row, I have failed. I have failed and I do not know why or how, besides the obvious of course. How do I better myself and get people in the Army, if my SC fails to train me and tell what I need to work on? What is a recruiter supposed to do? I know we are all NCOs here, but a small semblance of guidance is required I think. What I need is a MOS recruiter that wants to help, but all he has done is take 2 of my contracts from me. Granted the first was my fault because I failed to follow up, so I am not upset about that. But the second I made first contact with him, and about a month later, he comes into the office while I am gone, and tells my SC that he had been talking with me, and my SC still takes him from me. To top it off, he is trying out for the band!!! Thats a special mission, one that in this area has been hard to come by.

Well enough about that. Let me ramble on about something else. I had an idea about the illegal immigration issue that has been problematic in our country for the past few years, but has really been gaining steam in the last few weeks. Why could'nt we give them a choice? Such as at least one of the members of the family has to serve in the military in order for the rest of the family to stay in the country. If they choose not to do it, then they will be shipped back to the country that they came from. I think it is pretty fair. But I could be just babbling.

The Yankees took one out of three from the Red Sox in the series. Damn am I steamed about that!!! You would think with all the money Steinbrenner has pumped into this team, we would have a better chance of winning more than half of our games. Obviuosly I am wrong about that.

My brother recieved his masters degree this weekend. It is hard to believe that he got that after all this time. I am the only family member left without some sort of a degree. I am hoping to be getting my AA within the next couple of months. We shall see.

Well the new month is about to start, and I have a few in the funnel, but I am not sure if they will drop in time, but here is to hoping that it does. Take care and stay safe.